Thursday, April 25, 2024


Chennai water crisis

As the first water-train arrives in Chennai, politicians make it wait for photo-ops and ribbon cutting

The first train carrying 25 lakh litres of water from Jolarpettai reached Chennai at 11.30 today. However, it was reportedly made to wait till 3 pm so the politicians get to 'inaugurate' water supply.

Leonardo DiCaprio expresses concern about Chennai water crisis, says “Only rain can save Chennai from this situation”

After Ghazipur Garbage Dump in Delhi, Leonardo DiCaprio expresses concern about Chennai water crisis

DMK to protest against transport of water from Vellore to Chennai, while also protesting against the water crisis in the city

The DMK had welcomed Kerala CM's offer to send water to Tamil Nadu. However, some DMK leaders are planning to protest against the state govt's decision to bring water from Vellore.

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