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China tibet issue

Relentless mining for copper, gold, and lithium, sucking resources dry: How China is exploiting Tibet

China's excessive mining exploitation in occupied territories of Tibet has also led to health hazards, cultural subjugation of Tibetans, irreparable damage to land use patterns, pollution, severe environmental degradation, and disturbances to the pristine and ecologically sensitive Tibetan plateau. 

‘Now China is changing. The Chinese want to contact me’: Dalai Lama says he is open to talks with China over problems of Tibetans

Dalai Lama said that he is open for talks with China over the problems of Tibetans and the Chinese, officially or unofficially, wanted to contact him.

Systematic erasure of Tibetan identity: China forcibly seizes lands of Tibetan farmers. An attempt to force assimilation into Han-Chinese-dominated territories?

China is forcibly seizing property from Tibetan farmers in Rebgong County, Qinghai Province, with an excuse to construct a hydropower dam, according to Tibet Press. 

Tibet Monks beaten, arrested for ‘leaking info’ after being forced to watch the demolition of giant Buddha by China in Draggo: Details

China in the Sichuan province destroyed a 99 foot tall Buddha statue and 45 prayer wheels in the Draggo county, Kham, Tibet

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