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Americans call for ban on TikTok after thousands of youths share Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ supporting his views

American TV personality and former Chairman of advertising firm Deutsch Inc, Donny Deutsch said that around 51 percent of the young Americans sided with Laden for attacking the Twin tower.

UK’s data privacy watchdog slaps fine of 12.7 million pound on Tiktok for allowing kids on the platform and misusing their data

Tiktok fined by the UK's privacy watchdog with a fine of $15.9 million for failing to block users under the age of 13 and exploiting their data

France becomes the latest country to ban the Chinese social media app TikTok on phones of govt officials over security risks

France has banned the Chinses video sharing app TikTok on the professional phones of civil servants

Centre bans 138 betting apps and 94 loan lending apps with Chinese links

The central government imposed an 'urgent' and 'emergency' ban on around 230 Chinese apps, including 138 betting apps and 94 loan apps

58% of Indians reduced their purchase of Chinese products due to the current geopolitical situation: Survey

As per the findings of a survey, 58% of Indians have curbed their ‘Made in China’ purchases while 28% of Indians found the Indian alternatives better in terms of quality, price, and customer service.

China upset after India blocks Chinese apps and raids Huawei, says India damaging business interests of Chinese companies

India till date has banned around 321 Chinese apps since 2020. Initially India blocked 59 Chinese apps, then 47 and later around 118 apps citing concerns of data security of Indian users.

TikTok Japan accused of ‘stealth marketing’ for secretly paying influencers to boost content: Details

TikTok claimed that it did not find it necessary to inform about the PR activities, given that the objective of pushing the sponsored content was not to increase app downloads.

Indian social media platform ShareChat eyeing to raise $200 million from Chinese tech giant Tencent

ShareChat is reportedly aiming at raising $200 million from Chinese technology giant Tencent via optionally convertible debentures

How Modi govt raced against time to crack down on Chinese apps amid China’s aggression in Ladakh

On 29th June 2020, amid the Ladakh standoff, the Government of India blocked access to 59 mobile apps including TikTok over security and privacy concerns.

Teenage boy raped and killed, four youths shot dead – Pakistan grapples with PUBG and TikTok

Both the cases of murders in Pakistan have links to the mobile app PUBG and TikTok, which were banned in India last year

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