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Chinese President Xi Jinping

Everyone knows that Islam needs to be Sinicised, this is an inevitable trend: Senior Chinese Communist Party official in Xinjiang

President Xi Jinping of China repeatedly calls for the "Sinicisation" of religions including Islam, Buddhism and Christianity.

Huge shake-up in military leadership of China: Nine top generals, including key rocket force commanders, dismissed

This move by China follows earlier purges in the military, including the removal of former Defence Minister Li Shangfu.

Italy officially quits Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pet Belt and Road Initiative, informs China

A government source stated that Beijing had been given a letter "in recent days" informing the Chinese government that Italy would not be renewing the pact.

Free Tibet and Free Hong Kong protests in San Francisco as Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the city for APEC Summit

In San Francisco, Chinese President Xi Jinping greeted with protestors demanding freedom of Tibet, Hong Kong and Uyghurs

Xi Jinping skipping G20 summit in Delhi due to turmoil in Chinese domestic politics and slump in economy, was criticised by party veterans: Report

According to a Nikkei Asia report, Xi Jinping decided to skip G20 summit in Delhi after he was criticised by party seniors

Congress, which signed MoU with Chinese Communist Party and took money for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, criticises PM Modi over informal meeting with Xi Jinping

Interestingly, the Congress party is now desperately raking up the China issue in a bid to project the Modi government's approach towards China as 'weak'. However, the party and its prince Rahul Gandhi have on several occasions expressed their admiration for China openly.

China: After securing third term in power, Xi Jinping focuses on ‘complete control’ of the Army, efficiency to launch wars, demands ‘resolute loyalty’

After securing power for the third term in the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping has "ensured complete control" of and loyalty from the army

As rumours of a military coup in China turns out to be false, here is how the claims of house arrest of Xi Jinping...

Rumours had appeared claiming that Chinese premier XI Jinping was removed from the control of military and was put under house arrest by PLA

India and China: Revisiting the 1962 war and 2020 Galwan attack

China has been receiving a lot of international criticism on the issue of Human rights violations of Uighur Muslims. Besides, China passed the Hong Kong National Security Law which faced widespread criticism both at the national and international levels.

China intrudes into air defence zone of Taiwan with 39 aircraft, largest incursion since October 2021

Earlier in October last year, Taiwan informed that 148 Chinese aircraft entered the country's air defence zone in the Southern and southwestern sectors. The island nation had emphasised that about its resolve for peace but cautioned that it would defend in case of attacks.

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