Saturday, May 25, 2024


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Zomato fires and reinstates support agent who told a customer that Tamil Nadu restaurant owners ‘should know Hindi a little’

Angry Zomato customer takes to Twitter to lash out on company after customer care executive, who did not know Tamil, says language barrier as reason for not being able to resolve his query to his satisfaction

Zomato controversy: Delivery agent says the customer had attacked him with slippers, nose injury was due to her own ring

The Zomato delivery agent has stated that customer Hitesha had attacked him with slipper and had abused him in Hindi. He has also claimed that her nose I jury was due to her own ring

When a common user’s suggestion for BHIM app was adopted by NPCI

I have been using BHIM app since beginning, and I decided to write to top executives with a suggestion.

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