Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Digital laws

Complaint filed against Anurag Kashyap directed film Ghost Stories on Netflix for “foetus eating scene”

Complaint filed under new IT rules against Netflix anthology Ghost Stories for showing a character eating foetus after suffering miscarriage

2 million Indian users banned, 25% total accounts banned from India: Details of disclosures by Whatsapp in first compliance report under new IT rules

Whatsapp said more than 95 per cent of the 2 million suspended accounts were banned because of unauthorised use of automated or bulk messaging

Twitter lies about appointment of Grievance Officer: What Delhi Court said while taking Twitter to task as they asked for ‘more time’

The Delhi HC is hearing a plea seeking directions to Twitter to appoint a Grievance Officer as mandated under IT Rules 2021

Twitter is yet to fully comply with IT Rules 2021 despite three months granted for the same, GOI tells Delhi HC

On June 5, GOI issued a final notice to Twitter for compliance with the new IT Rules 2021, still latter has not complied with the new rules

Government of India issues final notice to Twitter for compliance with the new Information Technology Rules

Despite repeated reminders, Twitter has refused to appoint Chief Compliance Officer as required under new IT Rules

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