Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Donald Trump

‘I may decide to beat them a third time’: Donald Trump hints at 2024 run for presidency in first speech after leaving White House

Donald Trump hinted at a presidential run in 2024 and rubbished rumours that he may launch his own party

Blocked by Trump, unblocked and followed by Biden and then unfollowed by Biden: Love-hate relationship of TV star Chrissy Teigen and POTUS

How Trump-hater Chrissy Teigen won a follow from POTUS Biden on inauguration night to eventual unfollow a month later on Twitter.

‘Our beautiful movement has only just begun’: Donald Trump indicates he will not quit politics as liberals suffer meltdown after impeachment acquittal

Donald Trump was acquitted by the US Senate with Democrats failing to secure the 67 requisite votes on Saturday.

Days after telling India that it can’t suspend politicians spreading hate, Twitter makes ban on Donald Trump permanent

Recently, Twitter had refused to comply with the orders of Indian government stating that they will not block the accounts of politicians.

French President Macron slams Twitter and Facebook for censoring Trump, wants decisions to be based on laws passed by govt

French President Emmanuel Macron has slammed Twitter and Facebook for arbitrary decisions regarding censorship.

Did the Donald Trump meme come first or PM Modi’s? How Congress spread lies about Smriti Irani’s post

The Congress party accused Smriti Irani of stealing the Prime Minister Modi meme from former US President Donald Trump.

An alliance of left-wing activists, business giants and ‘cabal of well funded people’ engaged in a ‘conspiracy’ to defeat Trump: Report

A Time Magazine report detailed the 'shadowy campaign' of left-wing activists and business giants that defeated Donald Trump.

Expert on Chinese security affairs Bill Gertz makes explosive revelations on Coronavirus origins, reveals China had discovered 2000 viruses

Bill Gertz lamented that Facebook continues to label his article as 'false' despite vindication from the US State Department.

Members linked to George Soros and Muslim Brotherhood to now decide the fate of Donald Trump’s Facebook account: Details

Twitter and Facebook had suspended account of Donald Trump because they believed that he would incite further violence post Capitol Hill

Reuters’ ‘First Dogs’ video after Trump leaves White House is quite racist, especially towards India and Japan

Reuters could have used literally any other clip of Trump while speaking about dogs in White House

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