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China was sharply criticized for its human rights violation over mass detention of members of the Muslim Uighur community at a United Nations Human Rights Council meeting recently.
Trump administration has directed Pakistan to take sustained, verifiable and irreversible action against the perpetrators of terrorism
India’s total exports are measured in the hundreds of billions of $$$! An amount of $190 million is around 0.05% to 0.1% of our export figure
Earlier, NSA Ajit Doval was assured by his American counterpart that the USA supports India's right to self-defense. Meanwhile, Pakistan has started preparing for war. And earlier today, Prime Minister Modi assured the country that "scores will be settled" this time.
John Bolton talked to NSA Ajit Doval on Friday morning to express his condolences for the death of 44 CRPF soldiers in the Pulwama terrorist attack and offered his country's full support to India in confronting terrorism
The US-Pakistan relationship right now is at a low point and it is unlikely to improve soon
Gabbard was the first Representative to use Bhagavad Gita at her swearing-in ceremony.
The Daily Telegraph agrees that its January 19 article about Melania Trump had several false statements, and agreed to pay damages along with apologising for the same.
Trump also went ahead to state that Russia used to be the Soviet Union, Afghanistan made it Russia because they went bankrupt fighting in Afghanistan.
If one searches for 'bar girl in India', Googe is showing Sonia Gandhi as top search result
To contest in the presidential election, Tulsi Gabbard will have to win the primaries of the party first
Nikki Haley stated that President Trump does not want to continue aid to countries, who don't serve the USA's interests.
Modi had met Al Falih along with several other energy ministers and top leaders of oil exporting companies in October.
The US has been pushing Pakistan for a long time now, to crack down on safe havens for terrorists operating inside the country
USA has been complaining that Pakistan is not doing enough to combat terrorism
WikiLeaks has even demanded the editor-in-chief to resign owing to the back-pedalling on the story, WikiLeaks claims to be false.
Earlier, The US President Donald Trump had launched a scathing attack on Pakistan for deliberately not acting against the Islamic terrorist forces operating on its soil.
I feel so uncomfortable around the Left, it is not a question of whether you will offend them, it’s just a question of when.
Trump said everyone in Pakistan knew that Osama was there.
The viewers have started realizing that commitment to truth is much lower down in the list of the media's priorities
Kejriwal is a poor man's Donald Trump, heading an army of zombies, creating an annoyance for those who voted for him.
India had earlier stated that it will continue to import oil from Iran despite sanctions.
There has been no official communication from the US regarding Republic Day celebration
The US law enforcement agencies are carrying out the investigation.
Tulsi Gabbard is a member of United States House of Representatives from Democratic Party
US president Donald Trump has recently stated that 'India will find out soon' on the probability of US sanctions for buying S-400 air defence system from Russia.
Apart from naming Babbar Khalsa, the document also lists Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT)
The report says that the states of Jammu and Kashmir, the northeast Indian states, and parts of central India are the most affected by terrorism.
The US has been repeatedly warning Pakistan to take necessary measures to curb terror outfits operating inside its territory.

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