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Donald Trump

Big question on US ‘democracy’ as Biden’s main opponent Donald Trump declared ‘guilty’ in finance case

As the verdict reverberates across political circles, one of the most pressing inquiries emerges: Can a convicted felon run for president? The answer, unequivocally, is yes.

World leaders in multiple forums including G20 in India kept telling me, you can’t let Trump win: Claims Joe Biden

Joe Biden has claimed that at multiple meetings, including G20 meeting in India, world leaders express support for him for upcoming elections and said he can’t let Trump win

‘Either sell TikTok or get banned’: US House of Representatives passes bill targeting Chinese company ByteDance

The bill was passed with a overwhelming majority, supported by both Democrats and Republicans. The bill still needs to be cleared by the Senate and get approved by the President to become a law in USA.

2024 US Presidential elections: Nikki Haley officially ends her campaign, says Trump has yet to win over her supporters

Haley’s withdrawal from the Presidential elections came after Trump’s overwhelming victory on Super Tuesday where he secured almost all states

New York judge orders Donald Trump to pay $354.9 Million in fraud case, former US President calls the ruling ‘total sham’

"If I weren't running none of this stuff would have ever happened. None of these lawsuits would have ever happened. I would have had a nice life," Donald Trump said.

Donald Trump wins New Hampshire GOP primary polls defeating Nikki Haley

It is a significant victory for the former president and puts him in a commanding position to become the party's presidential candidate in November.

“VP, VP, VP”: Crowd chants as Donald Trump introduces Vivek Ramaswamy on stage at New Hampshire rally

Republican netizens continue to put their weight behind Ramaswamy with many disappointed with his campaign withdrawal but happy that he is endorsing Trump.

Iowa caucuses: Vivek Ramaswamy drops out of US Presidential race, puts weight behind Donald Trump who scored record-breaking votes

Donald Trump won the Iowa caucuses with 51.1% votes gaining 20 delegates followed by Ron DeSantis at 21.2%, Nikki Haley at 19.1% and Vivek Ramaswamy at 7.7%.

Jeffrey Epstein case: Donald Trump never visited sex island, Bill Clinton went over 25 times. New documents reveal more high-profile names

Former US President Donald Trump is mentioned four times in the records, in the context of questions being asked about his visits. The witness replies that Trump had never visited Epstein's island or any of his houses.

US: Colorado Supreme Court declares Donald Trump ‘ineligible’ for White House, ruling Judges were appointed by Democratic Governors

The Colorado Supreme Court overturned a judgment by a district court Judge who ruled that Donald Trump could not be barred from the Presidential primary ballot.

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