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Was she deported because she was a Muslim? Here’s why the Afghan MP was deported by India and how she can come back

Afghan MP Rangina Kargar was deported not because she was a Muslim, but because she had not applied for an e-visa, introduced by Indian government in view of reports of passports and stickers visas stolen in Afghanistan

Coronavirus: India temporarily suspends e-visa facility for Chinese and foreigners residing in China

According to Embassy of India in China, travel to India on e-visas stands temporarily suspended with immediate effect due to certain current developments.

2019 Passport Index: India’s ranking improves to 67, jumps 10 places in 4 years

The UAE passport ranked the highest in the index with it allowing hassle-free travel to 167 countries ahead of Germany in the second position while the USA and France share the third spot with 10 other countries.

British MP Alexander Carlile denied entry into India, MEA says he wanted to tarnish India-Bangladesh relations

Indian government does not interfere in the internal politics of another country.

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