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Elections in Mexico: Over 200 people including 30 candidates killed in the deadliest campaign ahead of June 2 polls, dozens of others face threats...

At least thirty people running for local office in Mexico had been murdered since September of last year ahead of the June 2 polls

Voting for general elections ends in Pakistan amid allegations of mass rigging, mobile phone and internet services shut down during polling

Polling for general elections in Pakistan concluded amid allegations of rigging and the shutdown of cellular and internet services

Pakistan: Muslim clerics issue fatwa against women’s participation in elections; calls campaigning by them against Sharia

A group of Islamic clerics in Pakistan issued a religious edict banning women from participating in election canvassing.

Any attempt to compromise the electoral process using deepfake or AI will be met with swift, strong and robust measures: Chief Election Commissioner

CEC Rajiv Kumar said that misinformation, deep fakes and the use of Artificial Intelligence are being used increasingly to undercut the "faith and trust" of the people in the electoral process.

‘Thou shalt not question’: Ashoka University faculty, Leftist propagandists gang up to defend flawed, shoddy research paper that made dubious claims about election manipulation

Glaring flaws, loopholes, and dataset-related mistakes have been pointed out in Das' paper by numerous economists. However, for the Left ecosystem, facts do not matter. What matters is their conviction that a certain ideology should be above scrutiny or criticism and should be accepted by all without any question.

Ashoka University professor who made bizarre claims alleging election rigging in India quits after serious flaws in his ‘paper’ were pointed out

The Wire report has tried to make a martyr out of Das, asserting that he had to resign because of political pressure, and not due to the fact that the University had publicly denounced his attempts to create social media activism out of an unpublished, yet to be peer-reviewed paper.

Senator Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar appointed new interim prime minister of Pakistan ahead of national elections: Read details

Senator Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar is elected as the interim prime minister of Pakistan on 12 August.

Pakistan National Assembly to be dissolved on August 9: PM Shehbaz Sharif

As the five-year term of the government comes to an end, fresh elections will be held in Pakistan within 90 days. 

BJP accelerates election preparations, appoints union ministers and senior leaders as in-charges for assembly elections in 4 states

BJP announced election in-charges of assembly polls for Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana.

Rajasthan elections: Congress promises to fight the polls unitedly after strategy meeting in Delhi, Sachin Pilot says party has accepted his demands

Sachin Pilot after the meeting said that there is no question of a split and there is only Rahul Gandhi-Mallikarjun Kharge group in the Congress party.

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