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The crucial state of Uttar Pradesh may not see the Mahagathbandhan sweeping the elections
A walk through the political history of post-independence India
The weeks have rolled by and the Rs 72,000 NYAY has all but disappeared from the narrative. It is stunning how little traction it got on the ground during the 2019 Lok Sabha election
As the Elections 2019 draw to an end, the desperation rises among the intellectual gang which has even till yesterday considered Narendra Modi in the government as an aberration.
Tamil Nadu is one state where the pollsters have ended with egg on their faces more often than not and they just may add another feather to their cap in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections
Tauqeer who was a Principal and Sessions Judge had taken voluntary retirement and joined the National Conference on March 17.
The call centre employees of the AAP party have been accused of making misleading calls to the Delhi electorals
In the video, two groups of Congress workers are seen bashing each other up in Rajasthan over 2019 Lok Sabha Election tickets
Smriti Irani vs Rahul gandhi: If such massive nations like Dubai and Singapore can be built in 20 years then why Amethi can’t be made into a world class constituency, either by Rahul Gandhi or Smriti Irani
Modi in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh took pot shots at Congress and the leaders who are out on bail
“Are you a secret Modi admirer?” asked Meeny with menace in her voice.
PUCL petitioned the Supreme Court in 2013 and as a result of that particular petition NOTA or ‘right to not vote’ came about.
The NOTA option was introduced in the year 2013, following a Supreme Court judgement.
Harivansh Narayan Singh won by 20 votes against his rival BK Hariprasad
Mufti teased Omar Abdullah with long-nosed emoji and then called his claims 'fake news'.
Congress must answer why, after everything Assam has been through, are they playing the dangerous game even today.
Congress has asserted multiple times that Ballot papers are more reliable than EVMs
Rahul Gandhi believes in his superiority. He also believes that Modi is a mistake the nation has made
Recently, BJD and YSR Congress both met the commission and extended their support
Mamata Banerjee led TMC has also opposed simultaneous elections
Perhaps it is an attempt to make Rahul Gandhi come across smarter.
The opposition has revealed its cards, while the Modi-Shah duo haven't even begun
The party has created very strong state networks, but they have to find ways to enthuse this cadre at the same level of 2014.
Is the Archbishop in violation of the Supreme Court ruling of 2017?
Eshwarappa stated that BJP is in touch with MLA's from both the Congress and JD(S)
The run up to the panchayat polls has been a bloody one as well.

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