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Global Hunger Index

‘Index is an erroneous measure of hunger and suffers from methodological issues’: India rubbishes Global Hunger Report 2022

The Indian government issued a statement saying that indicators used for the index were not representative of India's population.

Article describing “The Benefits of World Hunger” published by the UN goes viral, netizens confused whether it is real or satire

The article titled “the Benefits of World Hunger” written by Hawaiian professor George Kent was published on UN Chronicle in 2008

Global Hunger Index Rank 2020: India improves from rank 102 in 2019 to 94 in 2020: Read details

The Global Hunger Index report for the year 2020 has been released and India has shown remarkable improvement in the Index

Congress party fudges Global Hunger Index numbers to falsely claim that India’s rank has gone down after 2014

Congress puts 2014 number in 2019 scale to claim India's global hunger index has done down after 2014

Former NDTV journalist and advisor to Manmohan Singh lies about India’s rank in Hunger Index

The same lie was spread last year also, which was clarified already.

How a faulty metric to calculate global hunger is creating a flawed narrative against India

India's global hunger index ranking has invited a lot of politics in recent days

Former minister Shashi Tharoor gets schooled by a Twitter user on Global Hunger Index

Shashi Tharoor whines that the 3 year old government has done nothing, gets reminded of Congress misrule.

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