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hate crimes

Canada: 2 Jewish schools attacked in Montreal amid Israel-Hamas war, Trudeau says ‘no place for hate’

The police officers are searching for clues at the Yeshiva Gedola-Merkaz Hatorah school after shots were fired at two Jewish schools Thursday (9th November). Montreal police say two Jewish schools in the city were hit overnight by gunshots. "Nobody was inside at the time of the shootings," the officers confirmed.

UK: Met Police say Antisemitic hate crimes have increased by an alarming 1357% after trying to contextualise Jihadi anti-Israel protests

Antisemitic hate crimes in London have seen a 14-fold increase since the Israel-Hamas war escalated earlier this month

Existence of Hindu on Hindu crimes can not be an excuse for justifying hate crimes like Love Jihad

On the face of it, it is true. Of course, Hindu men commit crimes against Hindu women, just like Muslim men commit crimes against Muslim women, Sikh men against Sikh women, Christian men against Christian women and so on. These crimes are of diverse nature, some very serious.

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