Topic: Incompetence

The picture showed an old man asking Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to intervene.
The news agency spread fake news about Uttar Pradesh government slashing education budget.
Going by media reports, it appeared as if China had denied some claims made by India. It was never the case.
A parody account of Abhishek Bachchan on Twitter had posted something, which became news for NDTV.
Pictures showing two trains almost touching each other were claimed as proof of an averted collision.
There are inconsistencies in media reports about the welcome incident that reportedly happened in Uttar Pradesh.
The Indian mainstream media fell to a new low while reporting a speech by Yogi Adityanath
Some media reports and later Arvind Kejriwal had claimed that EVMs were registering votes only for BJP
The whole case of ‘faulty’ EVM is increasingly turning out a case of misreporting and propaganda.
Devendra Fadnavis has one daughter who is school going
How journalists spread rumour about ATMs causing Sexually Transmitted Diseases .
She is not hated because she is an independent woman, but because she is a bad journalist.
National Media was clueless about the featured image used by them. To hide their incompetence, they made it a political story.
NDTV covers Jan Dhan Yojna based on rumors and absurd statistics and concludes that India must stick to medieval banking systems

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