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India’s total exports are measured in the hundreds of billions of $$$! An amount of $190 million is around 0.05% to 0.1% of our export figure
For every loan disbursed under MUDRA about 1.3 jobs have been generated
Kotler stated that he was unable to come and present the award himself due to health reasons.
The concerned article was published in the print issue of The Economist on 24 November.
India's GDP is expected to grow at a rate of 7.5% in the 2019-20 financial year.
After demonetisation, when most demonetised currency returned to the bank, questions were raised on the success of demonetisation itself
Nothing justifies this misinformation campaign attempt at political point scoring even though there is no credible point which Congress can harp on to while making those claims.
The reasons given by the article by The Wire more amusing as it clearly showed their lack of understanding of data, statistic and above all, of economics.
One underlying reason for India’s growth to accelerate are the fact that the economy is now well transitioned from the tectonic shifts it went through due to successive reforms.
Demonetisation was an important step in building a culture where tax compliance is a habit. Demonetisation and GST are heralding the New India.
The Khao aur khaane do culture had become a way of life for the nation, and we clearly needed action to control this trend from becoming the ‘only’ way of doing business in India.
IMF in its report said that the ongoing structural reforms will benefit the country in the long-term
The World Bank predicts 7.3% growth in 2018-19 fiscal year
We just need to bear with the temporary inconvenience for a better tomorrow!
So let us again rewind the declared aims sought to be achieved and analyse each one independently.
Structural reforms by the Modi government have addressed many of the systemic issues holding back the economy
Here is what GST achieved in the last one year
This is the new ground reality politicians in India have to contend with. False narratives will be called out
The govt has put in an unbelievable number of policy reforms and public investments in hundreds of projects that have borne fruit
India will record the fastest growth of 200 percent over 10 years to become world’s fourth wealthiest country
The survey panel has also expressed confidence of further improvement in economic activities.
This perhaps comes as a major blow to the opposition that termed demonetisation as a draconian step
The bill is expected to enforce strict adherence to the law by curbing instances of economic defaults and controlling economic losses the country.
The Economic Survey of 2017-18 authored by chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian was tabled today
One year on, here's why Demonetisation was a grand success
The perceived Indian slowdown may finally be over

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