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Iran protest

Iran anti-Hijab protests: 19-year-old celebrity chef Mehrshad Shahidi gets beaten to death in custody

The incident resulted in thousands of protesters taking to the streets on Saturday, during the funeral held for Shahidi. "Everyone who is killed will be supported by thousands more", the demonstrators chanted.

Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei warns further crackdown of anti-Hijab protests, says Islamic Republic is ‘mighty tree’ that cannot be uprooted

Khamenei equated the Islamic Republic of Iran to an unshakeable tree. "That seedling has grown into a mighty tree, and no one should dare to think they can uproot it," he warned on state TV.

Gunfire and blasts heard at anti-Hijab protests following Mahsa Amini’s death in Iran, the death toll in police action nears 200

The Iran govt's crackdown on anti-Hijab protest has already claimed at least 185 lives, with several children

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