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Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the Leftist who wanted to burn the world: Twitter co-founder supports violent protestors at Columbia. Here is how he fomented trouble in...

In February 2021, OpIndia reported how Twitter under Jack Dorsey decided to defy an order by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India to block or remove 1,178 accounts from the social media website. These accounts were on the radar of security forces as Pakistani-run accounts tried to incite people amid the ongoing Farmer's Protest.

Old video of Jack Dorsey admitting banning former US President Donald Trump from Twitter was a ‘wrong decision for the world’ goes viral

In an interview with Russell Brand in July 2023, Jack Dorsey had said the decision to ban Donald Trump from Twitter (now X) was right for the company but wrong for the world

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey quits Instagram, was among the first 10 users to join the platform

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Dorsey announced that he has deleted his Instagram profile. Dorsey added that he was among first ten users who joined Instagram when it was launched in 2010.

‘Cannot apply America to Earth’: Twitter Chairman Elon Musk says Twitter has to obey local govt laws, responding to rant by Jack Dorsey against...

Elon Musk said cannot apply America to Earth, Twitter has to follow laws of local govts responding to rant by Jack Dorsey against India

Delhi Police denies claims of ‘raids’ by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: What police said about Twitter India MD misleading them during farmers’ protest

Delhi Police said Twitter India MD misled investigating officers during farmers' protests - here is what they said busting Jack Dorsey claims

Jack Dorsey lies and pretends to be a saviour of free speech, and gets support from Indian liberals and Islamists: His history of bias,...

In February 2021, Twitter refused to withhold or suspend accounts that have been accused of inciting violence in the country. 

Read about the time when Elon Musk accused Twitter under Jack Dorsey of suppressing his tweets, even as Dorsey pretends to be a free...

Elon Musk had accused Twitter of supressing his tweets before buying the platform even as Jack Dorsey pretends to be a free speech warrior

Jack Dorsey says India threatened Twitter: How Twitter was acting against the Indian laws, the kind of accounts that were blocked and the war...

Jack Dorsey claimed India threatened to shut down Twitter, failed to acknowledge Twitter acted against India

‘Outright lies’, ‘Twitter under Dorsey had a problem accepting sovereignty of Indian law’: Minister slams former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his tirade against...

Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar took to Twitter to slam the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey for his tirade against India

Jack Dorsey loses $526 million in a single day after Hindenburg publishes report alleging fraud in Block Inc

The report says "CEO Jack Dorsey has publicly touted how Cash App is mentioned in hundreds of hip-hop songs as evidence of its mainstream appeal. A review of those songs shows that the artists are not generally rapping about Cash App’s smooth user interface—many describe using it to scam, traffic drugs or even pay for murder".

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