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Karnataka Hijab Case

Tabassum Shaik who topped Karnataka 2nd PUC exams says she preferred to choose education over hijab, father said its important to follow law of...

Speaking to the media about her academic achievements, Karnataka student Tabassum Shaik said that she preferred to choose "education over hijab."

PUCL, which earlier called for PFI to be ‘un-banned’, says Muslim students face discrimination when asked to wear school uniform instead of hijab

PUCL claimed Muslim students are facing discrimination when asked to wear school uniform

‘Right to undress also becomes a fundamental right then’: SC remarks after petitioner claims Hijab is ‘right to dress’ citing Article 19 of Constitution

"If the right to dress is claimed as an absolute fundamental right under Article 19 of the Constitution, then right to undress would also qualify as one", the Court remarked on Devdatt Kamat's argument.

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