Tuesday, July 27, 2021



London: Library brings a performer in monkey costume with hanging genitalia, exposed buttocks, says it was to ‘encourage kids to read’

London Library criticized for displaying obscene costumes and gestures in event meant for promoting reading habits among kids.

Royal Academy of Arts in London apologises to artist Jess de Wahls after cancelling her for alleged ‘transphobic’ statements

Royal Academy of Arts apologises to artist De Wahls after she had threatened legal action for removing her artwork over her comments

Viral video: Mayhem at UK stadium for vaccination, thousands gather only to be denied vaccine after waiting for hours

“This is the moment the pen changed from being socially distanced, to a stampede!” the user said in his Tweet sharing a video of people flocking the stadium in large numbers.

Slain Pakistani Islamic terrorist Usman Khan had conned the Christian priest inside prison, convinced him of ‘change of heart’

Usman Khan was considered a ‘poster boy for deradicalisation’ following his release from prison after being convicted on charges of terrorism. Less than a year after his release, he went into a stabbing spree at an event where he was invited.

London: Extinction Rebellion activists vandalize windows of HSBC bank protesting against fossil fuel financing, 9 arrested

Extinction Rebellion members broke windows of HSBC bank in London alleging that bank is financing coal power plants and mines

Mayor Sadiq Khan vows to bring the Indian Premier League to London to boost his reelection chances: Details

London mayor Sadiq Khan promises to bring the Indian Premier League to the British capital as part of his reelection campaign.

‘Need to set the record straight’: High Commission in London slams British Parliamentarians who made misleading comments about India

The Indian High Commission in London has issued a strong statement against British Parliamentarians.

Molotov cocktail thrown near synagogue in London, not believed to be related to terrorism or antisemitism: Reports

A molotov cocktail was hurled near a synagogue in Golders Green, London following which a man has been arrested

Priyanka Chopra seen visiting a salon amid Covid-19 lockdown in London, stylist let off with a warning

The actress Priyanka Chopra was reportedly attending a hair colouring session for a film that she is currently shooting.

Nobody turns up after Khalistanis call to shut down Indian Embassy in London, instead, handful show up to support Naxal Stan Swamy

Khalistani SFJ had called for shutting down of Indian diplomatic missions in foreign countries to extend support to the farmers' protest

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