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‘Leave the institution if you don’t like it’: High Court rejects Muslim girl’s petition against prohibition on namaz in British school

Thirty students began praying namaz in the school's yard in March of last year while kneeling on blazers.

‘What’s wrong with London’: Cricketer Kevin Pietersen and many others ask as violent street crimes spike in UK capital

England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen reshared a video of a recent knife attack in a train in London and voiced his concerns about the staggering rate at which street crimes in the city has been on the rise

‘They cannot digest India’s success under PM Modi’: Indian student Satyam Surana faces hate and smear campaign at LSE student union elections

Satyam has alleged that, just 12 hours before the voting, a very 'well-planned' campaign was launched against him, somehow linking him with the Bharatiya Janata Party and calling him a 'fascist' to boycott him and his campaign.

Islamic convert boasted about murdering Catholic, carried Quran, yelled ‘Allah-hu-Akhbar’: Here’s what London court ruled in Irish man’s murder case

The body of James 'JJ' Donnelly, 45, was found by his elderly aunt with slash wounds to his neck and a crucifix laid on his chest on 15th July 2023.

‘Don’t want to go to a city where you’ll be mugged’: Rise in theft cases on London streets makes Delhi feel safer for Indian...

As per reports, the Met police last month revealed that it had deployed officers undercover posing as victims to catch robbers attempting to steal Rolex and Patek Philippe watches in central London.

Convicted sex offender Abdul carries out alkali attack in London, inflicts ‘life-changing injuries’ on woman and her toddler: What happened

Abdul is a native of Afghanistan and arrived in the United Kingdom in a lorry way back in 2016. Two years later, he was convicted 'sexual assault/exposure.'

“Had several serious threats to my safety”: Pro-Israel UK MP Mike Freer not to seek re-nomination after repeated attacks from Muslim radicals

MP Mike Freer declared that he will not run in Britain’s next general election due to continuous intimidation from extremists.

Six pro-Palestine activists held over a plot to disrupt the London Stock Exchange in England

Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent Sian Thomas stated, "These are significant arrests. We believe this group was prepared to carry out a disruptive and harmful prank, which might have had major consequences if carried out successfully."

London: Hindu temple of Sri Lankan Tamils desecrated, witness suspects India’s support to Israel in war against Hamas may have motivated attacker

The man broke out in anger and threw one of the murtis (idols) out of he sancum sanctorum and smashed a diya (oil lamp) which was lit in the sanctum sanctorum.

Gharwapsi of two 8th-century temple idols stolen from UP in 1970s: EAM Jaishankar presides over repatriation ceremony in London

The two temple idols named 'The Yogini Chamunda' and 'Yogini Gomukhi' were stolen from a temple in Lokhari, Uttar Pradesh, between the late 1970s and early 1980s. The idols were notably recovered by the High Commission of India in London with assistance from the India Pride Project and Art Recovery International.

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