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15 people, including a female student have been arrested for killing her allegedly on instructions of the suspended madarsa principal.
An allocation of Rs. 242 crores has been made in the budget for grants to Sanskrit Pathshalas in the state. Another 30 crores has been allotted to provide grants to aided Sanskrit schools and degree colleges.
Unfortunate incident has been given a communal twist by the usual suspects, terming the death as 'lynching' and 'hate crime'
Accounts of such horrors have become a constant with the Madarsa's
Uttar Pradesh government has already taken steps to mainstream the madarsas
The same had happened last year when many Madrasas refused to sing the national anthem
12 of the inmates of the madarsa have accused the Maulana of physical assault
This is yet another outrageous incident in a long row of heinous crimes
Not the first time misleading headlines were used to paint a wrong picture.
With no data or specific cases mentioned to link any Veda Pathshala to child trafficking
BJP led Uttar Pradesh government has already taken few steps in modernising madarsas.
NCERT books will be available for teaching science, social sciences, maths and computers
Some media reports claimed UP govt will video record Independence Day proceedings to check patriotism of Madarasas.
Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Madarsa Boards issue directives to all madarsas to celebrate the Independence Day
This comes days after the BJP govt in Assam denies Madarsas a special weekly off on Fridays.
Top lies spread by the mainstream media in the month of March 2016.
Tufail Ahmad argues that Indian Muslims can't be reformed unless they reject Madrssas and provide education of science and mathematics to their kids
Indian MSM has erred on 27 counts in July 2015

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