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Theatre of absurd: Shashi Tharoor uses morphed image of anchor to wish ‘Jashn-e-Chiraagh’ on Diwali, anchor deletes original post and defends Tharoor

On the evening of 14th November, Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter to wish people 'Jashn-e-Chirag', using the image of an anchor of MirrorNow, Sahar Zaman.

Attention Faye D’ Souza: For a lesser ‘communal’ tweet, a star chef was sacked in Dubai

Utter joy, as Faye D’ Souza, must have seen, at the “stupidity” of Hindus who stand fighting for their right to worship as they please at Sabarimala

Journalist slammed on Social Media for calling massive political violence merely a ‘mess’

West Bengal is witnessing a very bloody Panchayat Elections this year.

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