Monday, April 22, 2024



“Boom” in Bengaluru: Indian Air Force says it may have been an IAF jet going supersonic causing the loud noise

Earlier today, Bengaluru was rocked with a thunderous sound after which many people took to social media to attribute the sound to jets going supersonic

Why shaming Hindus for alleged pollution on Diwali is completely misplaced

Statistically it doesn't make any sense

Delhi govt instructed by the NGT to inspect Mosques and check their noise levels

Loudspeakers based on mosques have always been a controversial issue

Twitter users ‘go bald’ in support of Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam today voluntarily shaved off his head after a Maulvi issued a fatwa demanding the same

Sonu Nigam to get his head shaved after Maulvi announces prize for shaving his head

A West Bengal Maulavi had announced a prize of 10 lakh rupees for shaving off Sonu Nigam’s head.

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