Tuesday, June 28, 2022



Saudi, UAE leaders decline calls with Joe Biden amid fears of oil price rise even as they took calls from Putin amid Russia-Ukraine war

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and United States has deteriorated under the Joe Biden administration.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister urges countries with special relationship with India to request PM Modi to appeal to Russia to stop ongoing conflict

Dmytro Kuleba said the ongoing conflict would affect India's food security as India has a significant share in Ukraine's agriculture exports

TMC leader Yashwant Sinha objects to poor people in Uttar Pradesh getting rations because Fortune cooking oil is owned by Adani

The TMC leader has not provided any evidence to substantiate his claim that Adani has allowed the 'BJP' to distribute free Fortune cooking oil.

Watch: Former Pakistani senator says World War will start in 2 months, rants about Saudi Arabia, Jews and Covid

Former Pakistani Senator, Faisal Raza Abidi, has declared that the Third World War will begin in two months.

Iran accuses the US of stealing oil in the Sea of Oman, confrontation reported

Iran accused US of trying to steal oil from Iranian ship in Sea of Oman.

Boats spray water on the sea at the Gulf of Mexico after gas leakage causes pipelines to catch fire, leaves netizens puzzled

A fire broke out in the Gulf of Mexico after a gas leak from an underwater pipeline of a State-owned oil company Pemex.

US Military accidentally invades olive oil factory in Bulgaria, issues apology

US Army issued apology after its soldiers accidentally raided a olive oil factory during a training session in Bulgaria

Last presidential debate: Biden wants to ‘transition’ from oil and gas, Trump hits him hard with jobs and business loss

"That’s maybe the biggest statement in terms of business. What he is saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry," Trump said.

After Pakistan threatens to split Saudi Arabia led OIC for not discussing Kashmir, Saudi govt decides not to renew oil supply pact with Pakistan

Saudi Arabia defers oil supply contact with Pakistan after Imran Khan Govt Threatens to Split OIC over Kashmir

Crude Oil price turned negative yesterday but it won’t affect Indian prices, six questions about the price crash explained

Prices of May Contracts for WTI crude oil in USA turned negative, but it won't effect Indian prices as India is not major buyer of WTI

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