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The rising popularity of BJP amongst the people of West Bengal, which began last year during the panchayat polls only kept burgeoning this election season.
Facts are extremely stubborn things and no amount of wishful thinking or inclinations can alter reality
Anubrata Mondal had earlier been in news for asking party men to burn houses of political opponents and hurl bombs at the police
Violence has been reported in various parts of Bengal since the Panchayat elections
The recently held Panchayat elections in the state were mired in violence.
The Congress Party has been consistently losing power to BJP across the country.
In West Bengal, Bodies pile as Nero's guests feast.
Despite winning roughly a third of seats compared to TMC, BJP is making its presence felt in West Bengal
People vent out their anger in the comment section of Mamata Banerjee's Facebook post.
TMC workers unleash brutal violence on oppostion parties during Panchayat Elections in West Bengal
West Bengal is witnessing a very bloody Panchayat Elections this year.
Besides this there are reports of TMC barring voters from entering into polling station
The run up to the panchayat polls has been a bloody one as well.
The upcoming Panchayat polls have turned West Bengal into a battlefield
A police complaint has been filed and one accused has apparently been arrested.
Poll processes like scrutiny and withdraw of nominations has been paused as a result
The TMC has been accused of stifling opposition for the upcoming Panchayat polls
Political violence in the run up to panchayat polls has been on the rise.
BJP and Congress, both, have accused TMC of using violence to stop opposition candidates from filing nomination.
This might turn out to be a big boost for the BJP in West Bengal
Why people had been voting for BJD in elections after elections, and what suddenly changed.
BJP spreads into new geography, opening up a new chapter in the history of the state and the party.
Another day another lie spread by political propaganda artists

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