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USA failed to track weapons and equipment worth over $1 billion given to Ukraine: Concerns flare up about possible smuggling and illicit trading

"The DoD did not fully comply with the EEUM program requirements to account for EEUM‑designated defense articles in Ukraine. As of June 2, 2023, $1.005 billion, or 59 percent of the more than $1.699 billion, of EEUM‑designated defense articles was delinquent for a required serial number inventory," the DoDIG's report reads.

Pentagon says merchant ship was hit near Gujarat coast by an Iranian drone; another Indian oil tanker targeted in Red Sea

US Central Command stated on Sunday that an Indian-flagged crude oil tanker was hit by a "one-way attack drone" in the Red Sea, however, no injuries were reported

‘Trudeau made a huge mistake’: Former Pentagon official Michael Rubin says if USA has to choose, it will pick ‘elephant’ India over ‘ant’ Canada

Remarking on the strained relationship between India and Canada, Michael Rubin said USA's relation with India is "too important" and if need be USA will choose India over Ottawa

US Army soldier facing disciplinary action dashes into North Korea from South Korea, Pyongyang unresponsive to communication

US Army soldier Private Travis King crossed into North Korea instead of returning to US from South Korea

Surat Diamond Bourse snatches the crown from USA’s Pentagon as the largest office in the world

Surat Diamond Bourse is now the world's largest office. Pentagon held the crown for 80 years.

Pentagon says it overestimated war aid sent to Ukraine by $6.2 Billion due to “accounting error”

US says that it overestimated finanical aid to Ukraine by $6.2 billion due to an accounting error

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