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‘Ungrateful’ and ‘Evil Vampire’ Jack Ma now being ‘supervised’ at an ‘undisclosed location’ after criticising China: Details

Disappearance of Jack Ma followed after he made critical remarks about banking system and financial regulatory structure of China

Watch: Chinese govt mouthpiece tweets video of ‘world’s largest’ amphibious aircraft with a mysterious helicopter appearing out of nowhere

On Sunday, Chinese Communist government's mouthpiece, People's Daily tweeting a video where it claimed that the world's largest amphibious aircraft was taking off at Shandong airport for a test flight.

Daily Telegraph stops publishing long-running propaganda section funded by China

Daily Telegraph had been publishing the Chinese state-funded section China Watch for more than a decade now

Romanticizing death, blood and deception – A tale of the Left and Naxalbari

The presumption that the ‘educated man’ being above scrutiny gives way to snobbish attempts engineer consent

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