Monday, May 20, 2024



Desi cold drink ‘Campa Cola’ to make a comeback, Reliance Industries acquires the brand to relaunch during Diwali

Reliance Industries purchased the Campa Cola brand from Pure Drinks Group for around Rs 22 crore

PepsiCo India sets up its largest greenfield food plant in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, a year after wrapping up business in Kerala

UP CM Yogi Adityanath inaugurated PepsiCo India's largest greenfield foods plant worth Rs 814 crore in Kosi Kalan in Mathura

Pepsi withdraws lawsuit against potato farmers alleging patent infringement

Pepsi said that the company agreed to withdraw the cases against the farmers after a discussion with the government

PepsiCo sues potato farmers for growing the variety used for Lays Chips

In a letter sent to Ministry, the activists have said that the farmers have every right to produce and sell a protected variety of seeds and that Pepsico can't claim intellectual property right on it.

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