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AP Photographer who accompanied Hamas terrorists during 7 October attack wins award from American journalism institute for photo of naked body of Shani Louk

Freelance photojournalist, Ali Mahmud, who accompanied the Hamas terrorists during the 7 October attack in Israel, has won the Team Picture Story of the Year awarded by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute in the US

Reporters with terrorists? The presence of photojournalists raises the question of the ethics of AP and Reuters

Photojournalists of AP, Reuters and others were present at the Israeli border during Hamas terrorist attack raising speculations if they had prior information of the attack

Photojournalists from some media houses not allowed to attend joint press conference of Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann

Photojournalists from The Print, The New Indian Express, and The Morning Standard were not allowed in AAP press conference

Journalist Niloofar Hamedi, who broke Mahsa Amini’s story, arrested by Iranian authorities, Twitter account suspended

Days before Hamedi's arrest, an Iranian photojournalist named Yalda Moaiery was arrested by the Iranian authorities during the anti-state protests while she was covering the agitated crowd on Hejab street in downtown Tehran.

Photos that dishonoured COVID deaths, shamed India, by photographer who was murdered by Taliban, win Pulitzer

Danish Siddiqui was killed by the Taliban on July 16, 2021, during an assignment in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Parents of murdered photojournalist Danish Siddiqui to take legal action against Taliban, move International Criminal Court: Details

Danish Siddiqui was killed by the Taliban on July 16, 2021 during an assignment in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Russia bombs maternity hospital in Ukraine claiming it to be neo-Nazi base, alleges Ukraine hired pregnant models after photos of patients in the hospital...

Russia alleges that a beauty blogger was hired by Ukraine to claim that Russia bomb a operating maternity hospital

Exploring the fine line of tragedy coverage in photojournalism: Who will decide where to draw the line?

Ethics is photojournalism stand on a very fine line. The moment you cross it, the photograph may become a tragedy of the lifetime.

Video of photojournalist Danish Siddiqui’s TED Talk offering a one-sided view of Kashmir conflict and shielding Islamic terrorists goes viral

A video of photojournalist Danish Siddiqui offering a lopsided view of Kashmir conflict is doing the rounds on social media websites

Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology claims that the Taliban, which murdered Danish Siddiqui, is better than ‘sangh’

Gaurav Sabnis suggested that Taliban had showcased more humanity than Sangh despite being the killer of the Danish Siddiqui

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