Saturday, September 25, 2021


prashant bhushan

Rakesh Asthana accuses two Prashant Bhushan linked NGOs of running a ‘proxy war’ against him, one has links to missionary funded group: Details

Rakesh Asthana argued that the campaign against him has been continuing ever since he became the Special Director of CBI.

As India vaccinates over 67 crore people, Prashant Bhushan continues peddling anti-vaccine propaganda, lies about Sweden

Sweden doesn't have "zero covid", as claimed by Bhushan. It has over 27,000 active cases as on September 3 and has administered over 12 million doses of vaccines.

Is rang badalti duniya mein kya tera hai kya mera hai? Here are the various causes against which the alleged farmers have protested

Aandolanjeevis are using farmer protests to launch protests against anything and everything to keep their agendas alive

‘Misleading’: Twitter attaches a disclaimer to Prashant Bhushan’s tweet spreading vaccine hesitancy

Earlier this morning, Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan went on a ranting spree against COVID-19 vaccination.

‘Young people are more likely to die after vaccination. I won’t take vaccine’: Prashant Bhushan clarifies how he’s NOT anti-vaccine

Prashant Bhushan posted a series a tweets promoting his propaganda against COVID-19 vaccinations

Prashant Bhushan continues propaganda against Covid vaccines, shares misleading report to claim death rate is more among vaccinated people

Prashant Bhushan shared a report that used selective data from UK health report to make misleading claim on death rate in vaccinated people

UNHRC, which tried to help Prashant Bhushan keep illegal Rohingyas in India, could be compromised by China, UK Parliamentary Panel finds

UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee is all set to release a report that says that China is on its way to breaking up multilateral organisations

Prashant Bhushan tries to spread anti-vaccine propaganda again, but the report he uses shows how vaccines gave over 99% protection

Despite very low fatality rate among vaccinated cops in Uttarakhand, Prashant Bhushan tried to spread anti-vaccine propaganda

Prashant Bhushan now slyly pushes “vaccines don’t work” theory after Twitter removed his ‘masks don’t work’ tweet

Prashant Bhushan has been called out time and again for his bad COVID-19 takes. However, he does not stop.

Twitter removes Prashant Bhushan’s tweet claiming masks are ineffective against COVID-19, says it violates Twitter Rules

Many people had reported the anti-mask tweet of Prashant Bhushan saying, after which Twitter removed it citing violation of rules

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