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Presidential election

Hijab gains centre stage in French presidential elections, contender Marine Le Pen pledges to ban headscarf in France if she wins

The hijab grabbed centre stage in the presidential campaign of France on Friday, as contender Marine Le Pen sought to outlaw them in the country.

Sonia Gandhi says she is ‘full-time and hands-on Congress president’, Rahul Gandhi says he will consider the post, election delayed by one year

Sonia Gandhi is acting as the interim Congress president since 2019, and she will remain in the post for one more year

Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg had once boasted about arranging dates for his teenaged “tall, busty and blonde” daughter in every Chinese city they visited

Michael Bloomberg had once made a sexualized comment about his teenage daughter calling her "busty and blonde"

Tulsi Gabbard can become the first Hindu to run for US President in 2020

Tulsi Gabbard is a member of United States House of Representatives from Democratic Party

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