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UP: Pet cat bites Imtiazuddin and his son Azim in Kanpur; both die of rabies within a week

Imtiazuddin and his son Azim were bitten by their ailing cat, following which they too contracted rabies and died within a week.

Chennai: Stray dog who bit 29 people tests positive for rabies

Doses of anti-rabies vaccines have been administered to the injured victims in Chennai.

Meerut: 11-year-old boy dies of rabies in 2 months after getting bitten by a street dog, over 1 lakh stray dogs roaming in city

Dushyant (11), son of Dhannu, was bitten by a dog in the colony during Rakshabandhan. As per reports, the child was given only Tetanus shots and no anti-rabies doses were given.

Ghaziabad rabies death: Accused woman yet to show vaccination documents for all her pets, locals scared of stray dogs as victim family awaits justice

The GMC officials found that the accused family had three pet dogs of the Pomeranian breed and they did provide the vaccination proof for these three dogs. However, they had also domesticated dogs of Indian breeds and had not shared the details of their vaccination.

Rabies virus has a 100% fatality rate, and India is ‘world leader’ in Rabies deaths: Read about the dangers of stray dog problem

India contributes for 36% of rabies-related deaths worldwide. India records 1.7 crore dog bites per year.

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