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Australia: Tiny radioactive capsule ‘smaller than human fingernail’ goes missing, now they are searching for it along a 1400 km long road

A tiny capsule of Cesium-137, the size of 6mm x 8mm, smaller than a coin and smaller than the average human fingernail, has gone missing after it fell away from a transport truck.

West Bengal: 2 arrested in Kolkata for trying to sell radioactive material, could be worth Rs 4,250 Cr

“Preliminary enquiry revealed that it could be Californium. They were trying to sell it for a few lakh rupees,” police have reportedly stated.

Bokaro: Police recover 6 kgs of Uranium from a smuggling gang, 7 smugglers arrested

7 smugglers arrested while looking for customers to sell 6 kilograms of uranium at the price of Rs 50 lakh per kg

Japan to release treated water from Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean: USA, IAEA support, China condemns

Japan has long delayed the decision to dispose of the wastewater from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant over criticisms and safety concerns.

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