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Former Yazidi sex slave spots tormentor in German streets, authorities admit they cannot do anything

Intelligence services have known for some time that many terrorists have entered Europe posing as refugees.

VHP claims Mamta Banerjee sheltering more illegal immigrants than Assam, presses for NCR in Bengal

Criticising Mamta Banerjee, for her 'hypocrisy' over the NCR issue and for using 'infiltrators as vote bank'

Mamata Banerjee’s double-standards over the illegal immigrants in Assam unveiled

On 4th August 2005, when Banerjee was in the opposition and the state was under the CPI(M) rule, she held very differing views on the issue

Bangladesh: ‘Modi govt capable of handling NRC situation judiciously, no connection with Bangladesh’

The draft included the names of nearly 2.89 crores leaving out more than 40 lakh applicants.

‘Rohingyas have come from Burma and will have to return’: Rajnath Singh

The NDA government is refusing to change its stance despite pressure from 'eminent' personalities.

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