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Samuel Paty

Samuel Paty beheading: Six teenagers convicted in the killing of French teacher over ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad

A French court on Friday convicted six teenagers, including a girl who lied about Mr Samuel Paty displaying cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in classroom.

France shuts down Allonnes mosque and Islamic school for harbouring ‘radical Islam’ and promoting ‘armed jihad’, plans to close 7 more

France govt has ordered the closure of a mosque in Allonnes near Le Mans for harbouring ‘radical Islam’ and ‘legitimising terrorist attacks’

Pakistan: Deadly clashes between Tehreek-i-Labbaik supporters and police, 10 killed

8,000 TLP activists began a procession to Islamabad from Lahore on October 22 demanding the release of Saad Rizvi and the expulsion of the French ambassador from Pakistan.

Samuel Paty’s beheading based on a lie? 13 year old girl confesses she lied to avoid father’s anger, had triggered the hate campaign

The teenage girl admitted to making up a story about her teacher Samuel Paty insulting Prophet Muhammad that led to the beheading.

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