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Is there any level playing field for probe agencies in West Bengal? Calcutta HC raps Chief Secretary for not sanctioning prosecutions in school jobs...

The Calcutta HC further expressed displeasure with the WB government for standing with the accused persons in the scam. 

UK imposes sanctions on Iran’s Prosecutor General after the execution of British-Iranian Alireza Akbari by Iran

UK sanctions Iran prosecutor general Mohammad Jafar Montazeri for execution of British Iranian national Alireza Akbari

Energy crisis: Oil prices rise after European Union and G7 countries impose a price cap on Russian Oil

A price cap, set by EU and G7 countries, implies that oil sold at the agreed price can be shipped using the tankers of the said countries.

‘We are ready to deliver oil’: Iranian ambassador to India Dr Iraj Elahi says Iran is ready to ‘increase economic ties with India’

Iran was a major energy provider to India until May 2019, when the country ceased doing so after the US threatened to impose more sanctions.

‘Modi govt does not feel pressure’: Hardeep Singh Puri takes CNN journalist to cleaners after she tries to ‘guilt-trip’ India about Russian oil purchases

Hardeep Singh Puri told CNN, "We have 1.34 billion population and we have to ensure that they are supplied with energy."

Vladimir Putin mocks Germany’s energy crisis after its sanctions backfire. Here is what he said

Vladimir Putin held the mirror to the German government for agonising its own citizens in the hopes of 'crippling' Russia economically.

European Union lifts sanction on Russian fertiliser for itself but ban on export to other countries continues, Putin calls it unacceptable discrimination

Vladimir Putin informed that EU has unblocked sale of Russian fertiliser to member states, but export to other countries still not allowed

Greenpeace activists chain themselves to a Russian oil tanker in protest, officials clarify the oil was bought before Russian sanctions

The tanker in question was the Ust Luga tanker parked at the Aasgaardstrand harbor in Norway carrying Russian oil.

As Hollywood studios stop releasing their movies in Russia, Russian theatres decide to show Indian, South Korean movies

Russian theatres are preferring Indian films as Hollywood studios have delayed or cancelled their releases in Russia

‘Russian oil cargoes that could not find European buyers are being bought by India’: Report

Lars Barstad, the CEO of a New York-listed tanker company has been quoted by the FT report as saying, "the discounts on the Russian Urals for India was about $25-30 per barrel. Freight rates would add only $3-4 per barrel, making the trade economic for India."

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