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sexual violence

‘How do we know those claiming to be victims are actually victims’: Actress casts aspersions on Sandeshkhali women after getting election ticket from TMC

"I will have to first go and verify those (testimonies) and find whether such incidents (referring to sexual violence against Sandeshkhali women by TMC goons) have actually taken place," Rachna Banerjee claimed.

‘Women are given far more respect in Islamic countries’: Claims Pakistan PM Imran Khan, makes U-turn after blaming women’s clothes for rapes

Earlier last month, Pakistan PM Imran Khan had held women's clothes responsible for the sexual crimes committed against them

‘Degenerate’ Imran Khan does it again, blames women for rising sexual violence in Pakistan

Pakistan PM Imran Khan held women's clothes responsible for the sexual violence committed against them

Outrage grows in Somalia as bill legitimising child marriage tabled in Parliament, UN and other international bodies criticise the move

Bill tabled in Somalia parliament legalizing marriage of girls without their consent once they achieve sexual maturity

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