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Rangbaaz on Zee5 whitewashes Bihar’s jungleraj so much that now even I think Shahabuddin was a messiah and Chanda Babu a corrupt criminal

Zee5's Rangbaaz: Darr Ki Rajneeti glorifies Mohammad Shahabuddin, criminal-politician who terrorised Siwan for three decades.

Former RJD MP and mafia don Mohammad Shahabuddin dies of COVID-19, had drenched two brothers in acid before killing them

Tejashwi Yadav has confirmed that gangster Mohammad Shahabuddin is indeed dead. He added that the gangsters death was a loss to the party.

Shahabuddin was a powerful ‘pawn’ under Lalu-led government in Bihar: Read how he dominated Siwan during the jungle raj

Shahabuddin was fearless because of the backing he got from Lalu Yadav, and in return, he made sure Lalu got votes in the elections

The spin around Vikas Dubey encounter reminds about the police-raid against Mohammad Shahabuddin in Siwan

While people are saying “dead men tell no story” after Vikas Dubey encounter, Md Shahabuddin narrated no tales even after jailed for years

Supreme Court upholds the lower court’s life imprisonment sentence to Shahabuddin

The Patna High Court in 2017 had already rejected his plea to reduce the sentence

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