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While MP HC delivered a shocking judgement legitimising Sharia, Allahabad HC gave contrary verdict, said ‘no need for conversion under Special Marriage Act’

Allahabad HC said that a Hindu and a Muslim can marry under the Special Marriage Act, MP HC ruled that such marriages violate Sharia Law and conversion is must before marriage

Allahabad Court upholds tenets of Islam to deny live-in relationship rights to previously married Muslim, says illicit relationships prohibited by Islamic law

"Islamic tenets do not permit live-in relationships during the subsisting marriage. The position may be different if the two persons are unmarried and the parties being major choose to lead their lives in a way of their own," the bench said.

Allahabad HC cites ‘Shariat’ to refuse protection to Muslim woman and Hindu live-in partner being threatened by woman’s family, imposes fine on the couple:...

Under the Sharia Law, a Muslim woman in marriage with a Muslim man cannot go into a live-in relationship with anyone else unless she gets a divorce from her first marriage. However, a Muslim man can have four marriages at a time.

Taliban imposes Sharia restrictions on single Afghan women, bars access to employment, travel, healthcare if unmarried or have no male guardian

UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric commented on the recent UN report. He stated that women in Afghanistan are facing horror and that it is unimaginable to have a life there.

‘Islamic law allows multiple wives, but all wives must be treated equally’: Madras High Court cites Sharia to annul Muslim marriage

“He has not treated the first wife and the second wife equally as required under the provisions of Islamic Law. Under Islamic Law, the husband is entitled for Polygamous marriage, however, he has to treat all the wife equally," the court observed.

Iran: 16-year-old girl Armita Geravand who was attacked by police for not wearing hijab dies after being declared brain dead

16-year-old girl who was hospitalised and was in coma for weeks after an incident in Iran while she was not wearing a headscaf has died

A year after anti-Hijab protests, Iran’s parliament passes ‘hijab and chastity’ bill, women could face 10 years in jail for ‘inappropriate’ dress

Iranian parliament passed a ‘hijab and chastity’ bill, which imposes jail term up to 10 years for women who dress "inappropriately"

‘First, bury them till waist to maintain their modesty and then stone them to death’: Video of UK imam Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem goes viral

Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem said, "when it comes to women, there must be a hole dug in the earth, in the ground; and she must be covered up to half of the body."

Rock Band ‘The 1975’ banned from Malaysia after criticism of anti-LGBT laws and an on-stage kiss between members Matty Healy and Ross MacDonald

Malaysia is a Muslim-dominated conservative country where homosexuality is considered a crime and punishable by 20 years in jail

“Over 100 Sharia courts in India, will establish more in Muslim-populated areas”: AIMPLB after meeting opposition leaders to raise concerns against UCC

AIMPLB spokesperson said that by establishing Sharia courts, they are attempting to reduce the burden on the Constitutionally-run Indian courts.

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