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A year after anti-Hijab protests, Iran’s parliament passes ‘hijab and chastity’ bill, women could face 10 years in jail for ‘inappropriate’ dress

Iranian parliament passed a ‘hijab and chastity’ bill, which imposes jail term up to 10 years for women who dress "inappropriately"

‘First, bury them till waist to maintain their modesty and then stone them to death’: Video of UK imam Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem goes viral

Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem said, "when it comes to women, there must be a hole dug in the earth, in the ground; and she must be covered up to half of the body."

Rock Band ‘The 1975’ banned from Malaysia after criticism of anti-LGBT laws and an on-stage kiss between members Matty Healy and Ross MacDonald

Malaysia is a Muslim-dominated conservative country where homosexuality is considered a crime and punishable by 20 years in jail

“Over 100 Sharia courts in India, will establish more in Muslim-populated areas”: AIMPLB after meeting opposition leaders to raise concerns against UCC

AIMPLB spokesperson said that by establishing Sharia courts, they are attempting to reduce the burden on the Constitutionally-run Indian courts.

Muslim organizations launch new campaign amid debate on Love Jihad and UCC, issue helpline numbers to resolve queries of the community

Earlier, several Muslim clerics and leaders of various Islamic organisations have said that a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is impractical in a country like India which has a number of religious minorities, each with its own way of life.

Cricketer Mohammad Shami’s wife asks for religion-neutral laws for divorce

The petitioner said that she is aggrieved by extra-judicial Talaq-Ul-Hasan, and has received a notice of first pronouncement of divorce under Talaq-Ul-Hasan dated July 23, 2022, issued by Mohammad Shami, her husband.

Taliban judges asked to implement Sharia in their rulings which include public executions, floggings, stoning and amputation of limbs

Taliban has recently ordered Afghan judges to fully execute Sharia law provisions such as public executions, stoning, flogging, and amputation of limbs of persons guilty of specific offences

From ‘Rain Bow’ plane to pride colours on logo, Western teams show support to LGBT groups ahead of FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The US men's team extended their support to the LGBTQ community in Qatar by displaying a rainbow-themed logo at their training facility in the World Cup host nation on Monday.

Muslim girls above 15 years can marry, it would not violate the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act: Punjab and Haryana HC cite Sharia law

In his order, Justice Vikas Bahl stated, "Such a marriage would not be void in terms of Section 12 of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006."

‘Don’t make changes in Muslim Personal Law, Sharia has to be obeyed’: General secretary of Muslim League’s women’s wing

The IUWL leader stated in a memorandum to Deputy Secretary Goutam Kumar attached to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat that Muslim personal law was promulgated and maintained to allow Muslims to follow the teachings of the Quran.

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