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Sharia over Indian Constitution? Exodus of Hindus, ban on festivals, attack on procession, demeaning Hindu culture continues in Muslim-majority areas in India

Very slowly, but gradually, the Islamic law of Sharia is taking precedence over the constitution, especially in day to day working of minority Hindus who live there.

Did you know India has ‘Shariah Indices’ for companies, like BSE SENSEX? How ‘Islamic investment’ is thriving though RBI disallowed Islamic banking

India has Shariah Compliant indices in NSE and BSE, along with Mutual Funds that offer ‘Halal’ way of making investments.

Women’s masturbation to bathing after sex: Darul Uloom Deoband’s Sharia-compliant advice on sexual queries by Muslims

From masturbation to wearing a headscarf to clandestine sex, these questions cover a wide spectrum of issues.

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