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J Sai Deepak explains what exactly transpired in St. Stephen’s episode after Gender Studies Cell posted abusive statement against him

Hours after sharing screenshots of the despicable post written by the students of the Gender Studies cell of St. Stephen’s College against him while opposing the invitation extended to him by another department of the same college, the Supreme Court lawyer, J Sai Deepak, has gone on to detail the entire fiasco

St. Stephen’s College’s Gender studies Cell releases abusive statement, opposes invite to SC lawyer J Sai Deepak by leadership cell

In a Tweet thread, the Supreme Court advocate J Sai Deepak shared screenshots of the extremely hateful and despicable post written by the students of the Gender Studies cell of St. Stephen's College against him

After ‘Free Kashmir’ poster in Mumbai, now ‘Kashmir Maange Aazadi’ slogans and posters in DU

January 6, secessionist posters asking for "Free Kashmir" were seen in Mumbai's Gateway of India where many social media and Bollywood activists had gathered to show solidarity with the JNU students after Sunday's violence in the campus.

Teachers in St. Stephen’s college oppose Church’s intrusion into admission process, get warned

Member of Church of North India (CNI), bishop Warris K Masih brazened out the decision saying the college belongs to them and the teachers have no locus standi in the matter.

St Stephen’s admin says they didn’t say slogans on chapel, Police too calls it ‘rumours’

It has been reported that a lot of teachers have been protesting against the move of making the college autonomous.

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