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Suez Canal

Attacks by Iran-backed Houthis in the Red Sea likely to drive up oil prices

The immediate consequence has already started to reflect in the form of a surge in the insurance costs for vessels transiting through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea.

US announces 10-nation naval force to combat Houthi rebels threatening maritime trade in Red Sea route

The violence has scared off merchants, with oil giant BP joining container shipping company Maersk in rerouting transits away from the Red Sea. The redirected transits could force vessels to take a much longer hike around Africa and dent the pace of commercial shipping.

International North-South Transport Corridor: Russia sends test consignment to India through Caspian Sea – Iran route avoiding Suez Canal

Russia dispatched cargo to India via Iran on Saturday, employing the International North-South Transport Corridor.

‘Ever Forward’ vessel now stuck near Washington DC, earlier ‘Ever Given’ of the same company was stuck in Suez canal for a week: Details

Meanwhile, the Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp had hired divers to inspect the vessel for possible damages and help in refloating the 'Ever Forward'.

Ever Given: The most famous ship of 2021, and why we love it

Ever Given, the ship that got stuck, was the world's most talked about ship this year.

Ever Given: Ship that blocked Suez Canal has since been held by Canal authorities, they wanted 916 million dollars

After demanding 916 USD initially, the canal authorities had later lowered the demand amount to 550 million. A final settlement is expected to be reached soon.

As Suez Canal blockage ends, fear of legal action clouds over the Indian crew of #EverGiven

The Indian Crew onboard Ever Given ship may face legal action by the Suez Canal authorities, says a TOI report.

Stranded ship ‘Ever Given’ that blocked Suez Canal refloated: Reports

The 400-metre (430-yard) long Ever Given was successfully re-floated at 4.30 am local time (0230 GMT) and was being secured, Inchcape, a global provider of marine services, said on Twitter.

The Yellow Fleet: When Suez Canal was blocked for 8 years forcing 14 ships to remain stranded on the water

It took eight years, two wars and external pressure from prominent nations to end an eight-years-long traffic jam at Suez Lake

Egypt: Suez Canal blocked after a large container ship from China ran aground

The ship was on its way from China to Rotterdam, Netherlands, when it ran aground in the Suez Canal after being reportedly hit by a strong "gust of wind"

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