Friday, June 21, 2024


Union health ministry

India could have 8.2 lakhs Coronavirus positive cases by April 15 if lockdown and containment were not implemented: Union Health Ministry

Health ministry analysis says India would have 8.2 lakh Coronavirus cases without lockdown and containment, and 1.2 with containment only

16,002 samplings conducted in a day, of which only 2 percent of cases have tested positive for Wuhan Coronavirus, no traces of community transmission

Joint Secy, Ministry of Health, refuted the claims of community transmission in the state and said that there is no need to panic.

A single patient of Coronavirus can infect 406 people in a month if social distancing and lockdown are not enforced: Union Health Ministry

ICMR study says that with an R0 of 2.5, a single coronavirus patient can end up infecting 406 others if social distancing and lockdown orders are not followed.

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