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US military aid

Viral video: Taliban seen enjoying ride in a Blackhawk helicopter, though it is not flying

After the hasty withdrawal of US troops, Taliban has now taken control over a large number of US-supplied military equipment, weapons and aircraft.

‘I would have got the military out last’: Trump lambasts Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal strategy

Trump stated that brand new military equipment, including tanks, and Blackhawk helicopters have been left behind by US troops for Taliban to use and Russia, China to examine.

Mass exodus in Afghanistan, at least 30,000 locals flee every week fearing Taliban

“What I am scared of is the Taliban.” Such statements have been reverberating in Afghanistan since the Taliban is in the ascendency.

‘India is looking at something very strong,’ US President Trump on tensions between India and Pakistan

Earlier, NSA Ajit Doval was assured by his American counterpart that the USA supports India's right to self-defense. Meanwhile, Pakistan has started preparing for war. And earlier today, Prime Minister Modi assured the country that "scores will be settled" this time.

Pakistan using Taliban as ‘hedge’ against India, says US commander

The US has been pushing Pakistan for a long time now, to crack down on safe havens for terrorists operating inside the country

Days after Donald Trump slams Pakistan for not acting on Islamic terror, US suspends $1.66 billion security aid

Earlier, The US President Donald Trump had launched a scathing attack on Pakistan for deliberately not acting against the Islamic terrorist forces operating on its soil.

Pakistan not taking sufficient action against terror organisations, says US country report on Terrorism 2017

The US has been repeatedly warning Pakistan to take necessary measures to curb terror outfits operating inside its territory.

US Drone strike kills two terrorists from Haqqani Network in Pakistan

The frequent drone strikes are opposed by Pakistan as a violation of their sovereignty.

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