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Uttar Pradesh

UP: Stone-pelting on Hindu homes in Ghazipur, a shop vandalised; most attackers Muslim minors

The victim has identified 5 accused from the Muslim community for the stone pelting at his house.

Thakur Puran Singh, who is making Kshatriyas take oath not to vote BJP, accused of shooting a Rajput man with the help of one...

Thakur Puran Singh, accused of killing a Rajpur, appealed to Rajputs to abstain from voting for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

UP: Upset Hindu youth commits suicide by consuming poison after a Maulana influenced his father to convert to Islam in Bareilly

According to Harishankar's family members, a Maulana paid frequent visits to their home. The Maulana is reported to be a resident of Ejaz Nagar Gautiya, Bareilly.

UP: Muslim mob turns violent after claiming print on doormat resembles ‘Kaaba’, does stone pelting and sloganeering in Balrampur shopping mart

When the aggressive mob moved ahead, numerous women employees and customers were present at V-Bazaar However, owing to the administration's proactive approach, they were all safe.

Uttar Pradesh: Maulana Sonu Hafiz arrested for raping a 14-year-old girl in Kanpur, the cleric gave abortion pills to the girl after three months...

Sonu Hafiz often called the girl to his room on some pretext and used to take off all the clothes of the victim and rape her.

Uttar Pradesh: Shehzadi pretends to be ‘Naina Verma’ to entrap Hindu man in Meerut, forces him to convert to Islam and circumcises minor step-son

Shehzadi forged documents and assumed the identity of 'Naina Verma' before getting married to Vipin.

UP: Maulana Manzar Ali who was reported missing by wife no 1 and 2 in Lucknow, found living with wife no 3 in Gonda

The Maulana went to live with his third wife in Gonda because he was upset with his first two wives in Lucknow.

UP: Abdul poses as Ajay to trap a Nepali minor girl, commits gang-rape with his other relatives, forces the girl to convert to Islam...

Abdul, his father Idris, brother Asif and Amil, maternal uncle and 2 brothers-in-law raped the victim one after the other.

Uttar Pradesh: Young man recording video of burning cylinder dies after its explosion, several others injured, shops and bikes destroyed

Nikhil and Aman were capturing the incident on their phones when the cylinders blasted resulting in loss of life and property.

Uttar Pradesh: Ayub thrashes former Babri Masjid litigant Iqbal Ansari, victim says he was attacked for supporting PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath

It must be mentioned that Iqbal Ansari was invited to the Pran Prathistha (consecration ceremony) of the Ram Mandir. He was also seen showering petals on PM Modi in December last year.

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