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BJP leader Vijay Goel shares video that disproves media allegations that he slapped a woman, video was shared by AAP leaders too: Details

On the 5th of June, digital news portal The New Indian shared a video of BJP leader Vijay Goel with the claim that he slapped a woman publicly.

‘Are you a dog’? ‘Animal activist’ Yogita Bhayana gate crashes Vijay Goel’s seminar on stray dog menace, gets into a brawl with another woman:...

Women, including Yogita Bhayana, slapped each other at seminar on stray dogs menace in the Constitution Club, Delhi

AAP MLA joins BJP seven hours after Kejriwal boasts their loyalty towards the party

Major setback for Aam Aadmi Party just ten days before Delhi votes in Lok Sabha elections

After Delhi voters, now BJP leader Vijay Goel gets phone call saying BJP removed his name from voter list

There have been several such allegations directly pointing against Aam Aadmi Party for calling voters to inform that their names had been deleted and Arvind Kejriwal had got their names back to the list. 

Rebel AAP leader to join BJP? Vijay Goel says ‘Doors always open for people like Kapil Mishra’

BJP has extended a formal invitation to rebel AAP MLA Kapil Mishra

Indian Paralympians left without money in Berlin as authorities fail to sanction funds

Reports claimed that she had to beg for money in absence of funds.

Indian blind cricket captain blasts media for misquoting him over Virender Sehwag

The Indian Express had claimed that the blind team captain was unhappy over a tweet by Sehwag.

When Vijay Goel hit Shekhar Gupta and Barkha Dutt for a six

After being accused of being insensitive towards visually impaired players, Vijay Goel came back in style.

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