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India’s wholesale price inflation remains negative due to falling prices, recorded (-)0.52% in August

India's annual wholesale price inflation rate stood at (-) 0.52 per cent in August 2023, up from (-)1.36 per cent recorded in July 2023

India’s WPI inflation eases to 8.39 per cent, drops below the double-digit mark for the first time since March 2021

For 18 straight months from April 2021 to September 2022, WPI had been hovering above the 10 per cent mark.

Rate of WPI inflation falls to eight-month low of 3.8% in the month of December

The food inflation in December was almost nil at 0.07%, down from 3.31% in November.

Ahmad Patel delivers an ‘agrarian crisis’ full toss, Jayanta Sinha hits it out for a six

Jayant Sinha pointed it out for Ahmed Patel that he is actually praising the Modi governmnet for keeping wholesale prices low

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