Leftist propaganda portal The Wire, says ‘it doesn’t matter who wins today’, fear mongers on result day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Courtesy: PTI

Early trends show that the NDA is leading the UPA in a significant number of seats across the country. However, the liberal meltdown appears to have begun even before counting began. Perhaps, OpEds were written as soon as the Exit Polls were released.

Jawahar Sircar on Ananda Bazaar Patrika, published in English by The Wire, pontificates gravely that “The virus is now too well entrenched to be wished away” in an article titled “It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins Today – India Remains Battered and Divided”.

The article is the usual toxic combination of fear-mongering and masochism. Sircar writes further, “Hate is now legitimate and a large section of Hindus that support the overpowering of Muslims, Christians and Dalits are not expected to cringe and convert to pluralism anytime in the near future.”

The author clearly suffers from a bad case of projection, like liberals are wont to do. “Victimhood and valorisation are the twin pillars of a fascist ideology and these have now been injected into the blood of too many Hindus to be just wished away.” writes Sircar. Well, it appears more true of liberals than Hindus but they are not particularly known for being able to stare at the mirror for too long.

The integrity of the Armed Forces has also been questioned by the author. He believes the armed forces has been polarized and it is currently leaning towards the BJP. He says, “India has always prided itself as the only third world country that had successfully confined its army within barracks and cantonments. But one is not sure how long. A dozen or so retired generals have reportedly joined the BJP, which is ominous, and thousands of other members of the armed forces, retired or in service, appear convinced that only one party is finally giving them their dues — even when it shies away from taking a call on the vexatious ‘One Rank One Pension’ issue.”

In the end, the classical comparison to fascism is also drawn. He writes, “William Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism, a 1933 classic, holds good even today. Nations have paid a heavy price earlier for this choice of politics and have gone through a painful historic scourge of Armageddon – which was dreadful. To expect the poll results in India to change it all is quite unrealistic as the virus is now too well entrenched to be wished away.”

The article has also the classical hallmarks of Peak Liberal Intellectualism: Fear-Mongering, Masochism, Delusions, bizarre allegations of Fascism and inciting further political polarization. Instead of trying to bring the country together after what has been a very polarizing campaign, we can also safely expect the liberals to try and create further political polarization.

A significant question, however, is if it did not matter who wins today, then why was most of the mainstream media, the liberal intelligentsia and the activist hacks campaigning so hard to defeat the BJP?

K Bhattacharjee: Black Coffee Enthusiast. Post Graduate in Psychology. Bengali.
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