Jaipur: Sexual predator Sikandar Khan, arrested for raping a 7-year old girl, confesses to sodomising at least 25 minors

Accused Sikandar Khan who allegedly raped 7-year-old girl and 25 other minors

34-year-old Sikandar Khan alias Kale Khan alias Jeevanu has been arrested by Jaipur Police from Kota on Saturday for allegedly raping a seven-year-old girl in Jaipur. His interrogation has revealed that he has earlier sodomised at least 25 minors in the past.

The police records show his name as ‘Jeevanu’, a name he assumed after his competitor Rafiq was named ‘Keetanu’. He has used Kale Khan and Zahid as other aliases in different parts of Jaipur. He confessed to robbing as many as 13 houses in one single night and was involved in smuggling of banned substances from Jhalawar.

On 1st July, he was arrested for abducting a seven year old girl from Shastri Nagar area. He then took her to an isolated spot where he raped her. After rape, he assaulted and then dumped her near her house. He is also accused of raping a four-year-old girl on June 22.

In 2004, he was accused of rape and murder of a minor boy in Murlipura area of the city. He was arrested from Ajmer, convicted and awarded life imprisonment. He was out-on-bail after serving sentence in the case.

Past crime records

As per reports, the police say he is a psychopath and a serial rapist. Police officials found his several conversations with sex workers. Another police official reportedly said that he is obsessed with abusing children and he is a maniac. If he is set free, he will perpetuate these crimes again, the police officer cautioned.

Khan also reportedly physically harassed the daughter of his widowed landlady as well as her friends. The landlady said that after she scolded him, he stopped doing that and hence she never complained to the police. Earlier, too, he was thrown out of his rented home because he tried to molest the 7-year-old granddaughter of the landlord.

According to police, Khan would lure the minors, take them to secluded places and rape them. If they resisted, he would kill them. He would be in an inebriated state and/or intoxicated with drugs and would hallucinate. In June 2017, he molested two girls in a crowded place and when a constable tried to intervene, Khan hit him on the head and injured him.

The police has recovered a box from Khan’s room which has a diary and two toy guns. In the diary, he has drawn a sketch of his wife with tears in her eyes and he has drawn his own image with the caption ‘Sikandar mauk ka kehar’.

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