Pro-AAP blogger Dhruv Rathee shows his ‘WhatsApp University’ credentials, claims India was not partitioned on religious grounds

AAP propagandist Dhruv Rathee

Pro-AAP blogger and YouTuber Dhruv Rathee is a known peddler of fake news. In October, it was announced that he and his favourite politician Arvind Kejriwal would face trial in a defamation case after the former shared a slanderous video against a BJP supporter. There have been occasions in the past when he has attempted to expose the BJP but revealed his own biases in the process. The CAB, again, provided a golden opportunity for Dhruv Rathee to reveal his terrible knowledge of Indian history.

Dhruv Rathee first claimed that India was not partitioned on the basis of religion. It happened between a ‘Secular India and an Islamic Pakistan’ he claimed, demonstrating his complete lack of common sense and basic knowledge.

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He suggested that Amit Shah was a graduate of ‘WhatsApp University’ and accused him of twisting history when, in fact, he was the one guilty of engaging in the most egregious distortion of history. Dhruv Rathee appears to have deleted the tweet from his timeline.

Source: Twitter

Soon after, Rathee tweeted another rebuttal to Amit Shah’s assertions where he claimed that he was talking like a ‘WhatsApp Graduate’. His shamelessness is only exceeded by his utter lack of integrity.

The claim that ‘Congress was against partition and tried their best’, of course, has no basis in fact. It was under their watch that the country was divided. And no amount of historical revisionism by the likes of Dhruv Rathee will absolve the party of its sins.

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The attempt to demonize Hindus for the outcome when the Congress party and Gandhi had supported Islamic Nationalism and the Ummah at every step along the way is sheer hypocrisy of the highest order. But then, of course, it’s nothing less than what can be expected from a charlatan.

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