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Pro-AAP blogger Dhruv Rathee tries to expose BJP spokesperson, exposes his own low IQ

That saplings take about 15-20 years to grow into trees is a fact that is lost on Rathee.

Pro-AAP blogger and self-proclaimed ‘activist’ Dhruv Rathee, who is notoriously known for propagating fake news, has yet again faced an embarrassing situation on Sunday after he tried to ‘expose’ BJP spokesperson but ended up displaying his ignorance.

On Saturday, Sanju Verma, the BJP – Mumbai Chief Spokesperson, responding to the manufactured outrage carried out by a handful of ultra-left wing activists after officials cut down few trees near the Aarey Forest in the Mumbai, posted a tweet asserting that Maharashtra government under Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had planted nearly 24 crore trees in last three years. Further, she also stated a few facts in relation to the increase in 253 square metres of tree cover and 82 square kilometres of mangroves in Maharashtra in the last three years.

In her tweet, Sanju Verma just re-iterated the facts that were stated by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on the floor of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly on June 28, 2019.

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Fadnavis had stated that Maharashtra had planted 24 crore trees across the state in the last three years. He had also stated that Forest Survey of India has declared Maharashtra as the only state which has registered a growth in forest cover in past years.

However, the pro-AAP blogger Dhruv Rathee who has a complex relationship with comprehending facts decided to launch a sexist jibe at Sanju Verma and asked her to post the satellite images of those ‘trees’ which were planted earlier. Dhruv Rathee’s low intelligence was exposed after he sought satellite images of saplings which have been planted in last 3-4 years.

That saplings take about 15-20 years to grow into trees is a fact that is lost on Rathee. Further, he also forgets that Maharashtra is spread over 3,07,713 sq kms and is the third largest state in terms of area. Those 24 crore saplings would be spread out and not concentrated in a garden outside Rathee’s apartment.

In a hurry to discredit the developmental efforts being taken up by the Maharashtra government, Dhruv Rathee became an object of ridicule after he displayed his ignorance on such trivial scientific issues. Perhaps, Dhruv Rathee thought ‘restoration’ efforts meant the actual relocation and replantation of an already uprooted tree.

Moreover, Maharashtra government, which has an ambitious project of planting 50 crore trees in five years has directed various authorities involved in plantation drive to submit proofs including images taken by drones where such saplings are planted.

With such understanding on conservation efforts, Rathee may have believed that large trees were planted at various places, which according to Rathee should be visible through satellite images.

This is not the first time that Aam Aadmi Party propagandist Dhruv Rathee has been caught after propagating half-truths and fake news. He was caught lying and making fake claims on Adani Group after he had tweeted an image of a forest in Chhattisgarh claiming that Prime Minister Modi ‘sold off’ 1,70,000 hectares of most dense forest in India to Adani.

After being threatened with legal action by the Adani group, Rathee deleted his tweet.

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