Anti-CAA Seelampur riots: Police arrest Raees who got injured after the bomb he was trying to hurl at police exploded in his hand

Seelampur Riots(Source: Business Today)

Bomber Raees was arrested by the Delhi police today after he injured himself while hurling a petrol bomb during the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) riots in Seelampur, Delhi on December 17, 2019.

Shortly after the explosion, a video had gone viral in which one can see how the accused Raees got himself injured while trying to throw a petrol bomb to further instigate the riots. In the video, the crowd can be heard shouting “Uska haath gaya” (his hand has gone) after the explosion.

Raees was hospitalised after the bomb he had tried to throw at the police forces prematurely exploded in his own hands. He was undergoing treatment at Geru Tej bahadur (GTB) Hospital, but had remained incognito to evade arrest. Joint CP Alok Kumar informed that the police looking for the rioter got wind of his whereabouts and he was subsequently arrested from the hospital.

According to the police, Raees is still in the hospital, but today he will be taken before magistrate for hearing. The police is yet to reveal about the seriousness of his wound.

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Delhi was in the grips of unprecedented violence after the ‘peaceful’ anti-CAA ‘protestors’ resorted to vandalism, arson and stone-pelting. Many vehicles were torched while public property was extensively damaged by the lumpen rioters.

Besides, police have said that Section 144 has been imposed in some sensitive areas of northeastern and eastern Delhi following the violent protests and they continuously counselling people for restoration of peace in the region.

The police have so far arrested 21 people on the charges of rioting and vandalism in the Seelampur riots case while many others have been identified. The police believes that there might be a possibility of another wave of rioting after the protestors called for a ‘bandh’ on Friday.

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