Only Muslims go to heaven, Ravish Kumar-like non-Muslims can only hope for a mild level of hell: Dr Zakir Naik explains

Zakir Naik (L) and Ravish Kumar (R)

Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik has declared that despite his noble efforts of “taking the side of Muslims” and “showing the ugly face of oppressors”, NDTV’s star journalist Ravish Kumar will not find a place in the ‘Jannah’ or Muslim heaven.

Recently, the radical Islamist and terrorist influencer Zakir Naik, who has been hiding away in Malaysia after fleeing from the country, has declared that even ‘good non-Muslims like Ravish Kumar’ will not get to go to ‘Jannah’ after their death as they are still non-Muslims who are doing the crime of ‘Shirk’, meaning idolatry.

On a YouTube video uploaded on June 27, radical Islamist Zakir Naik was seen interacting with his followers and taking various questions from them to explain certain Islamic concepts. In the video titled, “Dr Zakir Naik on the fate of Ravish Kumar who stands for Muslims & Righteous Non-Muslims”, he explained how Ravish Kumar and other ‘good non-Muslims’ did not deserve the Muslim heaven or ‘Jannah’.

Furkan, one of the followers of Zakir Naik posed a question to Naik asking what would happen to good non-Muslims in the country like Ravish Kumar etc, who, according to Furkan, not only speak the truth and take the side of Muslims but also show the truth of oppressors. The part comes in the video at 15.39 minutes.

“It is not just him, there are many others from different professions who are like him. What will Allah do to him if they do not die as Muslims as they do not deserve equal punishment like other ‘bigger wrongdoers’,” asked Furkan to Zakir Naik.

Responding to his follower’s question, Zakir Naik, recalling all his knowledge on Islam, replied with a big ‘No’.

No heaven for non-Muslims

Explaining the rationale behind the concept, Naik elaborated how there is a hierarchy within the ‘Jannah’ (the paradise garden) and all those Muslims who go to ‘Jannah’ will not be on the same level. Similarly, the hell has different levels too.

Explaining further, Naik said that whatever the ‘good deeds’ people like Ravish Kumar may do for the benefit of Muslims, since they have not converted to Islam, they will still go to hell because the crime of ‘shirk’ (heresy, idol worship) is bigger than any other crime.

Naik effectively says that irrespective of their ‘good non-Muslim’ certificate, non-Muslims will still end up in hell, maybe a milder version of hell due to whatever they have done, but hell it will be. He adds that the worst kind of non-Muslims, like Hitler and an ‘unnamed person from India’ will get the worst kind of hell.

Naik, however, does not explain what ‘mild’ levels of hell mean. Maybe sinners only get Tawa-fried and are spared from deep-frying in huge kadahis on those levels.

Islam is the ‘passing marks’, the minimum requirement for heaven

Naik explains in the video that all the so-called good deeds of ‘honesty’, charity, etc are worth just 5 marks or 10 marks in the exam for heaven and they don’t mean much. The 5-10 marks do not ensure qualifying marks. He asserts that only embracing Islam can ensure the passing marks. The Muslims who add the virtues of honesty and charity will get additional benefits, but any person, who is a non-Muslim, can only go to hell.

Regarding Ravish, Naik says that ‘Mushirks’ or infidels like him, if they are doing good deeds, may get earthly rewards like fame and praise in this world. But once they die, since the gates of heaven are closed for them, they will end up only in hell.

Naik ends the session by praying that may people like Ravish get Allah’s message and embrace Islam. So, as per Zakir Naik, no hoors for Ravish Kumar. He can go to hell.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia